Holistic Therapy for all ages in Hong Kong

Victoria Crowe, BSc (Hons), Cert. CBS, founder and director of VC Therapies, is a UK-trained Physiotherapist and Bowen Therapist, offering therapy for all ages in Hong Kong. 

Victoria offers Bowen Therapy, a gentle, hands-on technique suitable for clients of all ages, which is effective for both structural and more organic issues.  She also provides Paediatric Physiotherapy for children from 0-16 years old, with her main interest in early neuro-development in 0-3 year olds. 

Victoria has recently become the first practitioner in Hong Kong trained in McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release®, a powerful tool for treating scarring, which can be used as a stand-alone treatment, or incorporated into a Bowen Therapy or Physiotherapy session. 


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