VC Therapies

Holistic Therapy for all ages in Central Hong Kong


Hip Dislocation

I have been seeing Victoria for Bowen Therapy after a hip dislocation. The difference in stability after just one session was incredible, as was the reduction of pain. She is calm, gentle and incredibly thoughtful with her treatment. Due to the relaxing nature of the therapy, I have also slept better than ever. I highly recommend Victoria Crowe and urge you to see her; Bowen really works! 

Shoulder Injury

 Victoria is amazing! I went to see Victoria out of curiosity and Bowen Therapy definitely peaked my interest. She gave a thorough assessment and really listened to everything that I had to say. The treatment itself was extremely gentle but as the day progressed, my body felt like it had gone through an intense sports massage. My shoulder was really acting up and after the first session, I could really feel the difference. My shoulder is now healed. I will definitely continue to see her and have been recommending her to my family and friends.

CrossFit Competitor

I got my first chest to bar pull up on Saturday! My lats fired correctly!!! I’m so sore now but in a great way. 

Super happy with my result - I got 29 chest to bars. That’s 29 more than I got last year and it can only get better from here.
Again, thank you so much again! Whatever you did really made a huge difference.

Abdominal Scar

I saw Victoria for two sessions of scar release therapy more than two years after major abdominal surgery. Treatment involved minimal manipulation with immediate results. I would highly recommend VC Therapies for this type of treatment. I have regained range of movement and better muscular function after just two sessions. Amazing!